Antari - Z-350 FAZER

Antari - Z-350 FAZER

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The Z-350 is the latest creation from Antari stemming from years of experience in Fazer development.

The adoption of the air pump technology not only enables the Z-350 to generate dry haze but also provides its heater with a self-cleaning function. The Z-350 comes with a larger tube of one diameter, which substantially reduces the risk of heater clogging.

An extremely low fluid consumption rate grants a full tank (1.3 liters) of the Z-350 to produce more than 7 hours of non-stop hazing at maximum output.

The new on-board DMX interface allows users smarter control of the Z-350: When a DMX signal is received, the machine powers up and starts heating up automatically. When the DMX signal is off, it automatically begins the self-cleaning process and then goes into “Sleep” mode.

The machine weighs only 8.7 kg. Being so light and compact allows the Z-350 to be transported and setup anywhere—whenever needed.


  • Power : AC120V @ 60Hz
  • Heater:120Vac - 800W
  • Output:3000 cu.ft/min
  • Initial Heat-up Time:4 min.
  • Fluid Consumption Rate:3 ml/min. (100 % output)
  • Tank Capacity:1.3 Liters
  • Optional Remote:Z-3 Remote
  • Weight:8.7 kg
  • Dimensions (mm):L 320 W 153 H 391
  • Liquid Used:Antari FLG Liquid